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Paul F. Baltrunas

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Class Year (or years attended)
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US Air Force
Years of Service
1969 - 1973
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Honorable Discharge
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Major Duty Assignments, Military Units/Organizations/Ships, and Locations of Service?
CONUS, England, SEA
Most Memorable Military Experience or Accomplishment
Working on an EB 57, to reach the equipment compartment one had to enter a hatch in the rear of the fuselage, slide on one's back under the rudder control rods to the bulkhead. I was just finishing closing the compartment and a hydraulics team activated the pressurization of the hydraulics. There was a loud bang and the area was engulfed in a pink fog. In the time it took me to slide out, I was drenched in pink hydraulic fluid. The only time I have ever worn all pink undergarments for any reason. Hydraulic fluid stains do not come out. Work on an aircraft and you will own a multitude of stained clothing.
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