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US Army
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Order of St. Sava (Serbian)
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313th Regiment, 79th Division, 157th Infantry Brigade. Meuse Argonne Offensive The Meuse-Argonne Offensive, also known as the Battle of the Argonne Forest, was a major part of the final Allied offensive of World War I. Battle lines stretched along the entire Western Front. It was fought for 47 days from September 26, 1918 until the Armistice of November 11, 1918. It was the largest battle in United States military history with over 1.2 million American soldiers. It was one of a series of Allied attacks known as the Hundred Days Offensive. The battle cost over 28,000 German lives and over 26,000 American lives, making it the largest and bloodiest operation of World War I for the American Expeditionary Force. On September 26, 1918, nine American divisions began the first assault along a twenty-four mile front from the Argonne Forest to the Meuse River. The objective was to cut vital German rail communications running through Mezieres and Sedan and to serve as one of to Allied fronts converging on the Germans in Belgium and Northern France. A Fina push began on November 1 and German forces began to withdraw across the entire front. The Great War was essentially over.
Most Memorable Military Experience or Accomplishment
According to William Conway, co-worker, comrade in arms, close friend, "Bob" was proud to be part of 313th Regiment, 79th Division- "Baltimore's Own Regiment".
If your service included combat or hostile action describe
7/15/1918 - Brest France 7/18/1918 - Laignes (Cote D'Or), France - Training Prauthoy (Haute Marne) 7/29/1918 - Champlitte, France 9/8/1918 - Robert Espagne (Meuse) 9/13/1918 - Meuse Argonne Front 9/26/1918 - Meuse Argonne Offensive 9/28/1918 - Killed in Action
Date of Death and Where They Were Laid to Rest
9/28/1918 - Arlington National Cemetery:Quadrant V, McPherson Drive, Arlington, VA
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